Why Bluehost web hosting only?

So,the problem which sucks most of the blogger is web hosting. Especially the newbies in order to find cheap or u can say cheapest web hosting services make the a big mistake which they understand letter when they see the data of their web site is no longer available or their website is hacked or down for more than an hour.
Therefore choosing web hosting is very important as itstand as an important step in your blogging career.
Bluehost , why not anything else???The answer is here.
It has made an long lasting effect in the field of web hosting and has registered its name in the top 20 web hosting company.It come with 3 primary packages:-
1.The best web hosting
Its comes with unlimited web hosting space,unlimited bandwidth,unlimited domains,unlimited email account and with 30days money back guarantee(if it fail to stand on its mark).
2.Powerful Linux reseller hosting
It comes with upto 200GB of disk space and transfer space ,unlimited websites and free WHMCS. It features are:-
1.Powerful Hosting Control Panel – WHM
2.All in one Billing & Client Management Solution – WHMCS
3.Easy to Use Customer Control Panel – cPanel
4.Advanced Email Hosting
5.Programming Support
6.Hosting Features & Addons
3.Next-gen linux vps hosting
It comes with upto 4.00GHz and 4GB RAM.It comes with upto an massive space of 160HDD and 800GB transfer space.
Its global ranking is 4.9/5.U can get hosting at 3.95$ per month if u choose 3 year plan.It has free addons and 24/7 support with money back guarantee and 99.9% uptime record.
It has limited CPU usage which is bit slow.And slow customer service.it clams 99.9% uptime but some people experience frequent downtime.And like every other it is too suffering from security issue.

How to connect bluehost with wordpress


Hope it would clear all your doubt.Any feedback about Bluehost feel free to tell me!!!

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