EarnX.pw Review (URL SHORTNER)

From past few months I was researching on Marketing,that how bloggers are making money out of there blog and websites.But the think which caught my eyes was link shortening , EarnX.pw

Not much but if someone has quite good buzz on social Network then a good side earning can surely come ,may be Not 1000’s of dollar but at least a extra earning will surely be there.
Because once I heard that -” Something is better than nothing”

And secondly when u have the opportunity to earn from your blog in this way then why don’t suck it up as a whole😉.
And if you know about this way of earning then am quite sure you are familiar with the big names in this industry;-
4.Godaddy Url shortener
And you earn from most of his sites two.But stop what if something extra was also their after this..!!!
Recently one of my Fb buddy said me about EarnX.pw
I asked-“What is that man?”
He said -“It’s an url shortener”
I said-“Aww… nothing special there are many url shortener in this industry”
But then he said me more about it and asked me too give a try but as I was not sure how it was and wether it’s scam or not I used it in some micro niches.
But after using it I found it to be really an game changer one!!!But why?
Here’s come the Genuine review of EarnX.pw
EarnX.pw is an advertising network based on links that are distributed on the web.It possess the same features as other url shortener but has something extra which caught my eyes.
All other websites offers u to shorten your link and that’s the end if am not wrong…Right?Yea…Am right!!!But EarnX tried something different which frankly speaking I liked a lot.
More Traffic : More Money
Earn Money On Every Single Visitor using Earnx Url Shortner
EarnX Url Shortner Now Available For Free ( Limited Time )
Features :
• You Can Put Your Own Ads to Show Visitors During Link Redirection Time
• Set Geotargeted Links
• Protect Your Link With Password
• Set Custom Alias
If You Register At Earnx.pw Before 10th July . Not Any Single Panny Charge With Life Time Validity By EarnX Team , If You Register After10th July 2016 Charges is $19.99 Per Year.
Impressive right???Hell yea.
But who don’t like free stuff man!!!So grab this deal before 10th July to use it completely free for lifetime without wasting a single penny from your pocket.
So I hope by now you understood what really is EarnX and how it is different from other Url shortener.
Here’s the Step-by-Step guide to register for EarnX-
Open your browser and write earnx.pw and open it or click here
Now if you don’t have a account then click on get started option on the top right corner beside log in and then it open an page like this
Enter the detail they are asking for and then click on Create Account.
Now open your Gmail and check for the activation mail.(if you cant find ,check in your spam folder).The mail would be like this and click on the like which I brushed for privacy
Now a log in page will open and then there enter your email or username and password and click on Log In,like the below screenshot
Then you will land to this page
earnx.pw homepage
Now copy any long link and paste it in the area where its telling “Paste a long url” and click shorten
area to paste long url to shorten it
After this you will see your shortened url .
earnx.pw url shorten example
Now paste in on your browser address bar and press enter
And you will see the shortened link redirected to the main link from where you created that
U can also create your Splash page which is  a transitional page where you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. You can have up to a maximum of 5 splash pages and you can choose one for each URL.
earnx.pw splash page
Beside it also has Bundles like a Folder which you can use for :-
*Create a Bundle
bundle example of earnx.pw
*Short a Link
*Select Link and add to Bundle by using this features(Isn’t that really cool!!!)
In short categorized your Link according to Bundle
Now as we reached to they end of the review the main question is how to Make Money from this?
You can earn money from this by:-
*By creating Custom Splash Redirection Pages
*By creating Custom Frame
*Redirection Page(coming soon…Stay tuned)
Easy way of making money
24/7 support
Updating their features all time and trying to provide best users experience .
As its new sometime their server remains down(Hope they upgraded it)
While I was using it ,I forgot the password and reset it but didn’t receive any mail.So I had to open the account again (Meanwhile I contacted the site admin and he took the request fast and fixed which proves its 24/7 support)
Yea,I completed my work by writing an detailed article on EarnX.pw now its your time to imply it on your website and Blog and grow your earning.
Any problem you are facing lemme know through your comment below and also don’t forgot to tell your experience and is this site helping you to grow your earning or not.
And share this to let your buddies enjoy the same way of earning as u will earn soon.
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