The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Use Of Dofollow And Nofollow Backlink

What is backlink???

What it’s Uses!!!??!

How it helps??
Now if I start noting down the the question on Backlink then may be the list will never end..!

Backlink mainly comes in off page is of a kind of link which you get from other websites.Let me make it more clear by this example,Suppose u wrote an article and somebody liked it and they linked your article URL somewhere else from where visitors can come to your website.And this process is know as getting backlink.

What are the two types of backlinks?
1.Dofollow backlink 
2.Nofollow backlink 

Dofollow backlink is something which will be useful in Seo factors.A do-follow is a link that will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked site. This type of backlink everyone try to create or u may say gain.U should always try to get backlink from high PR websites or blogs because this will increase your link juice and will make It easier for u too get traffic and rank on search engine.

So while performing Search Engine Optimization you should concentrate on link building sources which allow you to build Dofollow backlink.This kind of backlink improves both your traffic and rank on Search Engines.

On the other hand Nofollow backlink doesn’t have any effect on Seo and search engine results.In short Nofollow backlink will have no effect on your profile that search engines use to evaluate websites ranking.When crawlers crawl this they will simply not see where it is pointed too.

How to get Dofollow backlinks

Now the question comes how to build do follow links and from where???😕
There are thousands of places to build backlink online.You can build links in article directories, in web 2.0 properties, in forums, and in high PR blogs, among many others.
Try all this steps one by one .Don’t just stick to one step try different ways mentioned above.If you r building backlink from web 2.0 then don’t just stick to it.Try to other methods too.

One of the easiest method is article directory.There are plenty sites to choose from but u must have a look on sites which gives Dofollow link.
Here are some list of High PR web directories and web 2.0 properties:-

Beside article directories ,social bookmarking is also an excellent source of getting dofollow backlink.Some of the social bookmark with dofollow links are as follows:-
Getting backlink from forum is also preferred my most of the Pro Bloggers.So why not give it a try!!!Some of the forum with dofollow backlinks are:-

One of the best way of getting backlink is guest posting.Because this not only give backlink but also create an image of your on the blog which u r writing guest post.U will not get $$$ for it but you can get juicy backlinks from it with some traffic from other blogs or websites.Listed below are some sites which accept guest posts.(with pr5 and pr5+) :-

Do you think now Nofollow backlink is of no use.Then u r definitely wrong.Here’s comes the twist.Nofollow backlink is equally important as Dofollow backlink because it too has an impact on Seo(indirectly).It makes your profile look real to search engines because when a search engines crawl for backlink and See’s only Dofollow backlink it understand that the blog is trying to full search engine and go on top by buying links.Search Engines love backlinks build naturally and absence of Nofollow backlink creates an negative effect on search engines.

Beside this Nofollow backlinks helps u in gaining traffic and as your traffic increases its the bell of your popularity on cyber world and thus ranking on search engines results.

Note:And excellent mix of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks makes your site looks more natural in the eyes of bots and crawlers.

In fact it was officially declared that may be nofollow backlink will not have any effect on link juice but will add up to the equation of ranking on search engines.


Building backlinks can be relatively tedious because you have to properly target the right places to build those links.Having is well mixture of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks is the best way to set an good impression over Search Engines.Both this adds to your site value over Search Engines and getting cheeky traffics.

We have ended with this 812 words 5,449 characters article.Hope am clear enough to you.One question for you!!!Which link building way will u try first???Tell me by commenting below.
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Note : Interview with Nikhil Saini CEO and founder of Myquickidea 



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